Botox hair treatment Most girls know Botox as a rejuvenating agent for facial skin. But recently it began to be used for hair healing too. The result is smooth, radiant, and, most importantly, healthy curls. All because Botox is a protein preparation that, when evaporated, surrounds the hair with a solid “frame”. It prevents hair […]

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What is a hostel? We might know what a hostel is, at least in theory. We know its definition – a place for travellers to stay short-term, usually very cheap. But only a few of us might have been to one and experienced it firsthand. A hostel is one of the cheapest and most social […]


Flood in the apartment: what to do before the arrival of the plumbing service? When our apartment our house gets flooded due to a pipe burst, we become incapable of making adequate actions. Some people panic and totally lose themselves. However, if you learn how to act quickly and consciously in a flooding situation, you […]

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What is concrete? The general view is that concrete is something grey and solid, mainly used for the construction of foundations and ceilings. In fact, there are many types of concrete; they differ in structure, purpose and in appearance. We propose to talk about their diversity in more detail. The usual cement concrete, which is […]

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