Botox hair treatment Most girls know Botox as a rejuvenating agent for facial skin. But recently it began to be used for hair healing too. The result is smooth, radiant, and, most importantly, healthy curls. All because Botox is a protein preparation that, when evaporated, surrounds the hair with a solid “frame”. It prevents hair […]

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What is a hostel? We might know what a hostel is, at least in theory. We know its definition – a place for travellers to stay short-term, usually very cheap. But only a few of us might have been to one and experienced it firsthand. A hostel is one of the cheapest and most social […]


Flood in the apartment: what to do before the arrival of the plumbing service? When our apartment our house gets flooded due to a pipe burst, we become incapable of making adequate actions. Some people panic and totally lose themselves. However, if you learn how to act quickly and consciously in a flooding situation, you […]

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