Flood in the apartment: what to do before the arrival of the plumbing service?

When our apartment our house gets flooded due to a pipe burst, we become incapable of making adequate actions. Some people panic and totally lose themselves. However, if you learn how to act quickly and consciously in a flooding situation, you can save your property from the worst damage.

The Causes of the Flood

Some unforeseen reasons may lead to the flooding of the apartment:

  • Tenants living in the unite above forgot their tap open
  • A pipe burst
  • Washing machine failure
  • Leaks from the sewer joints

What to do if the flooding is caused by the neighbours?

The main thing is not to panic, but to try to determine the plan of operative actions. This is your chance to minimize the damage to your property.

  • First, protect all electrical appliances from the “rain” pouring from the ceiling. Disconnect them from the network and cover with plastic bags or a film. If the stain of moisture has reached the lamp on the ceiling, be careful not to turn on the light!
  • If you have a chance, take photos or videos of the damage being done to your apartment to ensure yourself in case if you have to go to the court.
  • Do not rush to clean the mess. Invite an emergency plumbing service to fix the issue first.

Do your best to take control of the flood

  • Try to remember where the main valve is that controls the water flow. Locate it and close it. If it hasn’t been used for years, you will have to use a bit of force to turn it.
  • If you cannot locate or close the valve, immediately call an emergency plumbing service.
  • If the flood’s source is the toilet bowl, try to sticky tape the flush plate.
  • If dripping from the heater radiator, place a flat bowl under it. You can try to cover a small leak with a chewing gum or plasticine, and then tightly tie a rag.

In case of flooding, do not hesitate to call for help. Call relatives and friends, among them there are experienced people who are able to give good advice. Ask for help from neighbours from the lower floors, because they are also interested in how to quickly eliminate your deluge.

Preventive measures to eliminate risks

To monitor the condition of pipeline networks in an apartment building is the responsibility of the organization to which the maintenance of the building is entrusted. But often they do not do their jobs properly. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to take your own actions, so that the emergency situation does not recur.

Lack of tools

Not every one of us is a plumber and we might not have the needed tools. Having different types of screwdrivers or a hammer is not enough to take preventive measures.

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