House Foundation

How to calculate the cost?

Calculation of the cost of the foundation of the house is a fairly complex and time-consuming process which includes the calculation of the dimensions, loads and consumption of materials.

For this calculation, it is absolutely necessary to have the initial data – the construction land, the type of the soil, the base area, the material of which the walls will be made of, number of floors and etc.

When calculating the total load, a number of indicators are taken into account – loads from snow cover, roofing, floors, walls and material of the base of the building and of course the type of foundation.

The construction region and the type of soil determine the type of foundation and, as a consequence, the depth of it.

The foundations of structures can be shallow or deep. The depth of installation of the shallow foundations is approximately 1 m.

If the property is being built on a troublesome land, a deeper foundation is advised. Uneven land or weak soil can be examples of problematic lands.

After drawing up the plan of the foundation of the house (the dimensions of the house determine the foundation) you can start the foundation. It should be somewhat wider than the width of the supporting structure.

Then, reinforcing elements are installed in the formwork to strengthen the base and thus providing resistance to significant loads.

Then pour the concrete mixture and at the same time use a vibrator to eliminate any air bubbles, as this ensures the integrity of the structure of the finished product.

After the foundation is created, a special concrete slab designed for the floor of the ground floor goes to the construction, and at the same time, this plate is reinforced with a grid made of metal elements.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the fact that before beginning building the house, a drainage system should be planned and implemented. It is a complex structure and impossible to construct once the house is built.

Thus, accounting for all these factors, the arrangement of appropriate systems and elements determine the calculation of the cost of the foundation for the house.

Buying a custom house

You obviously do not have to worry about all of these if you are simply buying a ready property. However, you still need to get crucial information about the property’s foundation to know what you are dealing with.

If you are getting a custom house built, make sure your builder knows what to when it comes to the foundation of the house. It is a complex part of the building process and also an important one because your house will literally depend on it.

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