How do you know you are a backpacker?

There are lots of ways of travelling. One of them is backpacking which is very popular. If you are wondering whether you are truly a backpacker or not, let’s find out.

Let’s see which of the following is attractive to you!

If you are confused about what to write to your addressee while filling out the visa application forms or the immigration forms, if you can hardly remember the address of your house;

If the people you meet on the road ask you where you live and you answer in past tense;

If you did not use to go shopping before, you did not cook at home but find yourself in a market buying ingredients to cook in a foreign country;

If you carry a small water heater in your backpack to make noodles, to boil eggs or to make your own tea, choose 7-Eleven for breakfast because it is the cheapest;

If drinking from taps is normal because you have to pay for water. If you can fill your water from natural water sources that you are not aware of during trekking without worrying;

Then you are a backpacker.

You will also be wearing the same t-shirt and shorts for more than a week, only noticing it when realizing that you wear the same outfit in almost all of the photos you are in.

Carrying detergent and soap in your backpack will become usual as you are washing your clothes in the sink most of the time.

Idea of luxury

You will see hot showers as a luxury because of months of cold showers in the hostels you are staying.  Even cold showers can become very valuable on some trips.

When you are looking for a place, air conditioner availability will not be among your questions even if the weather is above 30c degrees because the air conditioner is also a luxury for you. You probably prefer to use a small fan instead of paying $2 for the air-con.

As a backpacker, you will be able to sleep regardless of the noise around you. A new group of backpackers might come in where you sleep at 5 in the morning and you would not even notice it.

You will be able to easily make new friends at airports, train stations, ferryboats and anywhere else.

Backpackers will know how to play lots of board games and card games. It is almost inevitable to be a backpacker and not master a few games.

You will have an ear for accents and guess anybody’s nationality with almost 100% success rate.

Being a backpacker will also make you a great negotiator. You will find it a success to even get $1 off of something.

You will know the basic words and phrases in at least 4-5 different languages. If you were picky eater before, now you are probably eating whatever you find edible and miss your mom’s food like never before.

These are just some common characteristics of backpackers all around the world.


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