What is a hostel?

We might know what a hostel is, at least in theory. We know its definition – a place for travellers to stay short-term, usually very cheap. But only a few of us might have been to one and experienced it firsthand.

A hostel is one of the cheapest and most social routes of accommodation. If you like to travel on a low budget or if you have to be on the road for a long time, the hostel is the right choice. People staying in the hostels are often open-minded, fun and easy-going.  What better place to make friends from all over the world than hostels?

A hostel is a place of accommodation for backpackers, traveller and adventurers that is very affordable. They usually have kitchens for self-cooking and double beds in the rooms.

How are the prices?

Prices obviously change depending on the location. For example, in Cambodia, it is $3 a night for a room while in Sydney the average would be $30-40 a night.

There are many online sites that list thousands of hostels all around the world. You can find a suitable one and book it before you travel.

Hostels can be of different types and sizes. You might come across to a hostel that is located in an ancient building or, on the contrary, a very modern one.

People who have the common interests in travelling, exploring, chatting and having fun are often found in hostels.

In fact, it may not be surprising to find out that person sleeping next to your bed or your top bunk is actually one of the few specialist software makers in the world, or a fairly successful marketer or businessman.

If you see a 70 years old backpacker in a hostel that has an average age of 25, do not miss the chance to talk to him/her, you will learn a lot.

Where do I sleep?

You can usually try 2 kinds of hostel rooms. First; depending on the size of the room, a number of single beds or bunk beds in the form of dormitory called dorm. Usually, male and female dorms will be separate but it is also quite usual to find mixed dorms.

Depending on the room sizes, 4-20 beds can fit in them. The more beds the hostel has cheaper the prices.

The second type would be single, private rooms in which only you will be staying. Single rooms can cost 2-3 times more than dorms. Although it is very convenient in terms of privacy, they can be quiet small and expensive considering the area.

What does a hostel room have?

Depending on the room’s structure and climate, single or bunk beds arranged side by side, pillows, cushions, blankets.

Since the electrical sockets in the dorm rooms are often insufficient, some places have triple sockets for the solution.

Are bathrooms shared?

The answer is generally yes. A majority of hostels provide shared bathrooms. You do not have to worry too much; most of them are decently clean.


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